Touched from Funk

A photo of a young monkey looking at the camera with green bushes in the background.

DJ "Won’t Say" is touched from Funk:

Something that would get this DJ to post, after years of neglect, would have to be creative, hilarious, and respectable in every way. (90%. Those troll / lonely jokes were uncalled for.)

The Chronicle of the Great Ones touched me.

Thanks, Funk Mistress.

That was nice.

In related news, DJ Hadoken will be coming home soon!!

No one knows what will happen, but it promises to be a joyous event of old and new antics.

Head in Crotches, Singing, Transformers, Roofing, Sleeping, Hadoken Yelling at our Secondary Mom, Savage Ninja, Chinese FOOD!!!, Prison, Dry Ice Bombs, Top-Secret Surprises, and the usual punching and kicking of friends.



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