Back to School Advice

A photo of a notebook and an alarm clock, laying on a table decorated with multi-colored shapes, and large cutout numbers scattered around.

DJ Benvenuto the "Korean Version 2" Raccoon has this to say:

So what’s been going on with me? Why the lack of updates? Well, between work and Project R... and DDR, I just haven’t gotten a chance to finish up on some things I had started.

What’s been going on? Any interesting stories? I really got nothing. I’m just quite happy about a recent turn of events regarding good ’ol DDR, but enough about that.

Another thing, yeah, we did see Rush Hour 2. It was funny, funny indeed. That’s all I’ll say about it (seeing as how most of us have seen it by now).

I’m working on Project R, a special adventure is coming soon, and EL GRAN SALCHICHON wants to update his section of the site with his new look. So we’ve got plenty a’comin for all of you.

Some of you are curious about Project R, but we can’t say anything quite yet about it. But I believe DJ Skittles is working on a trailer for it. More info on that soon.

So school is rapidly approaching. Just a mere week for us and we’ll be back to the battlefield against Pretty Boy and his shrunken male-danger-zoned minions. Reports say the Bush is intact. And last we checked, the Cacti are growing and flourishing quite well.

Now remember guys, get your TMNT (that’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, for all you non-old schoolers) pencil cases early. And girls, the Barbie bookbag is all the rage this year. My Little Pony and He-Man are soooo last year. You don’t want to show up wearing the My Little Pony bookbag while all the other high schoolers are wearing Barbie. And this is for everyone: don’t take the New Kids On The Block folder! That’s mine!! If you do, I’ll show you “The Right Stuff”.

Hope you liked the back to school advice.

I’ll try to update something this week. Hopefully, it’ll be the adventure I mentioned. I’ve got less work hours this week, so I might be able to. Oh, and everyone, keep submitting art entries too.

And keep postin’ on the board!

I still wish I didn’t have to sleep.


=^..^= =^..^= =^..^= =^..^= =^..^=




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