Crescent Fresh B*tch Fight

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Meta-Guy has some experiences to share:

Hmmm... Today must be some sort of a fluke because my Creator never foretold to me that some of the events that I witnessed were to happen at his school.

Let me explain.

Okay, you see, today my Creator has caught that dreaded cold virus, so he asked me to go to school in his place and to report to him everything that happened afterwards. I was willing to go and all, but he decided to disable all of my fighting skills. I got really mad at him but at that moment it was futile to argue with him.

I got on his bus and everyone there kept referring to me as “Guy” but I kept telling them to call me Meta-Guy. That didn’t make them do anything and I just got laughed at. I do not like being the center of humor.

Well, those shenanigans continued until I had to go to 2nd period English class. It was a really cool class. Everyone kept complementing my sunglasses and my “new” hairstyle. Since they didn’t know that I was actually Meta-Guy. I decided to spare them the truth since they were on a roll giving me suave looks and meaningful nods.

On to 4th period Algebra II class. There I learned that DJ Fuji was in the class as well. We exchanged “knowledge” *cough, cough* while he kept complaining about wanting to draw something cartoonish.

My Creator never keeps anything worth drawing in his two ton backpack so DJ Fuji ended up drawing a Hello Kitty. Which we both decorated with lasers and blood.

While the math teacher gave out the answers to a packet, some idiot kept on bothering me. I ignored him for a while until he threw a paper ball at me. Now, I can tolerate someone throwing objects at me, but when the projectile ricocheted off my head and hit someone else, that’s when he crossed the line.

Obviously, I did not use my vast array of fighting skills but I DID pummel him into a locker. Note: even thought Meta-Guy gets violent at times he never harms anybody unless provoked.

Well, after shoving 5 feet of human flesh into a 2 x 2 x 2.5 metal box my gears were groaning for energy. Luckily, it was lunch time... but I didn’t get to eat anything because my Creator didn’t bother to give me any money (damn you, Creator).

Well, we did a poorly done WSS re-enactment. Either that or my master just exaggerated about them to make them seem good.

After lunch, I went to 6th period philosophy class. That was like the most crescent fresh class I know! Every one kept talking about the meaning of life and stuff but no work was done. Then after about a half hour of “meaningful” talk, we watched a movie about an old guy with ALS. It was quite *sniff* touching... I’m not crying. I’m just leaking oil through my photo receptors... seriously.

After school, I got on the bus as usual. But during the ride, out of the blue, a serious B*TCH FIGHT broke out.

It was totally crescent fresh. I was like, “Whoa, that’s a totally crescent fresh b*tch fight.”

Well, that’s all that seemed interesting at school.

Oh, what can I do with my laser eyes, you ask?

I can burn holes through s**t!


=^..^= =^..^= =^..^= =^..^= =^..^=




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