A genius Hulk Smash

A blurry image of a guy with a red backpack strap.

DJ Wang Version 3.2 has this to say:

Well again another day of FCAT.

It’s not even a challenge anymore. I open my booklet and let my ocular implants do the work (for all of you Hulk Smashes out there, that means eyes). I managed to slide in a powerful two hour nap during school which I thought was pretty good.

I later moved across the classroom so I could work on a crossword puzzle and entertain myself. Needless to say that it posed little threat intellectually because I am far superior. Look above. VERSION 3.2!

Instead of conventionally looking at the clue and solving the mystery word I simply devoured the book to gain its knowledge. It’s actually a lot easier that way. Tastes good with mustard.

Well today’s WSS was rather awkward. We were about to start air stabbin’ but then this guy came up to DJ Hadoken and accused him of throwing something at him. Probably a cookie or something.

I’m thinking DJ Hadoken couldn’t have hit him. First off, he is no Dennis Martinez and secondly this guy was so far away and behind so many people that he makes the "JFK second shooter" theory seem plausible.

Then the guy just walked off after like ten seconds. Probably to go rant at someone else who didn’t throw anything at him.

After school I hung out with The Funk Mistress and discussed the future of RIA.

But while we talked a mysterious creature crept towards us. It was yet another Hulk Smash (we have like 6 of them now). Yet this one possessed the brains of Stephen Hawking or something because when we had decided to move a bench he commented, "Why move it some place convenient when you can leave it in the middle of the walkway?" and I went, "GADZOOKS!"

Well I really didn’t say that but I probably said, "Alright!"

So we left the bench in the middle of the walkway for people to be irritated by it. It also made the walkway a lot less wheelchair friendly. Unless you have something like Larry Flynt’s deluxe wheelchair that is built like a tank.

Well I’m going to lose consciousness because I’m sleepy. Must be all that coffee I drank.

Wait a second. Coffee doesn’t make you tired... what the hell?!




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