My application to become a Medievia god

A screenshot of the title screen of "Medievia", a classic online text-based role-playing game for PC that was released in 1992.

My application to become a Medievia god
Classic MUD for PC
(online text-based role-playing game)

Application form completed by DJ Hadoken

You must be 18 years of age or older to become a Medievia god.
Medievia staff level 33+ are not allowed to lead a clan (coleader is okay, leader isn’t).

If you want to be a builder read HELP BUILDING.

Please fill out the following questions. Always use your BEST grammar and spelling skills.


1.) What is/are your character/s name/s on Medievia and what level/s are they?
Fastgrabba, he’s a level 9 thief, I once had a character named Fixyalata, that reached the high 20’s (cleric) but I just checked his stats and they seem to be gone...

2.) What is the field that interests you the most inworking for Medievia? Examples are building, proofreading, helping players, running quests, coding, etc. Note that prospective builders should read HELP BUILDING.
Proofreading, helping players, solving disputes.

3.) Do you feel when helping players you can conduct yourself in a professional manner and ignore any personal grudges or biases you may have?

4.) Do you enjoy helping newbies? If yes, why?
Yes, because I always enjoy helping people understand the aspects of certain things, and I like to see the reactions newbies have when they finally get to that one point they wanted to go. It gives me a very nice feeling of satisfaction when I know I actually helped someone understand things better.

5.) Can you code? What languages do you know and what is your experience with them?
HTML, about 4 years experience. Q-Basic.. I had a year with that, even though it’s not much of a coding language =/.. but it still counts! Hehehe. I have coded on the Verge RPG game engine, although I only have a small amount of experience.

6.) If you wish to run quests, do you know how to script in your client? Which client do you use?
I don’t really wish to run quests.

7.) If you wish to be a proofreader what are your English skills and how much experience do you have using them as a writer or to proofread?
I consider myself to be a well-to-do writer. I love writing short stories, anything comical, serious, anything really. I’m interested in viewing the different writing techniques people use.

8.) How many hours a week do you have available to work on your god should you be hired?
Basically any day during the week, other than Tuesdays and Thursdays, a few hours in the afternoon during the other weekdays.

9.) What other information can you tell us about yourself that you feel qualifies you for a god position?
I prefer working on my own, but I consider myself to work well with others. I’m a very experienced RP’er and I’m familiar with most forms of role-play and the behavior which should be expressed towards others while playing.

10.) Write a brief (1-2 paragraph) letter explaining why you wish to become a god on Medievia.
I wish to become a god on Medievia mainly because I have gone through many hours of frustation, and I want to see what it is like “on the other side”. I want to be able to make those frustrating situations easier for players to handle. Even those little situations, such as a newbie being confused about the entire “name approval” process. To someone who has never played a MUD before, something like “name approval” may seem like a foreign language to them. I know that for a fact, because a certain person (namely me) once went through that confusion as well. But basically, I want to make things easier for players to handle, especially newbies, I want things easy for them to understand, while still being able to enjoy the game.

I want to be a proofreader mainly because I enjoy reading anything and everything. I want to learn about other people’s writing skills. Also, because I believe that a good MUD should be one that has good gameplay and that expresses a proper use of native language.


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