Richie's house

A photo of a drunk man lounging on a couch holding a wine glass with some empty bottles and game controllers in the foreground.

Lonely Boy has this to say:

It’s about midnight now. I would be sleeping, but my parents are b*tching each other out again. That’s all they do. They just argue when I throw things. Half the time I am drunk, even though my mom denies that I drink.

I shouldn’t even be home now. Most kids are out at the mall or movies at this hour. They all have lives, they all do the dirty deeds and they all have friends. I don’t have too many, I don’t really care either.

I went to Richie’s house today, that’s all I basically did. We played some video games that we’ve been downloading lately. Richie’s really smart, kind of a geek, but hey, he’s shown me how to save money by just downloading stuff.

Me and Richie have always been like the under-dog’s of our social groups. Most kids don’t talk to him because he’s dorky and most don’t talk to me just because I am inferior. So we usually find ourselves hanging out together.

His parents are divorced, so his house is usually pretty calm. He lives with his dad and his sister. I don’t know where his mom is or why his parents split up, but I guess that’s none of my business. All I know is that his dad is some sort of doctor or something.

So I have been home since around 8:00 PM. Nobody was here when I got home, so I had some peace. I didn’t really do anything except sit around. But my parents came home about an hour ago, and haven’t stopped arguing since.

I think I was trying to kiss my mom, but she didn’t want to for some reason, so then I just started yelling.

I wonder what Molly is doing now?

I’ve probably broken about two stupid cups already and I know that my annoying mom is going to make me go out and buy a new replacement set tomorrow, or even tonight. And if I don’t do it I’ll have to pay for it in some sort of way.

Damn this world.


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