Happy New Year 2010!!!

A photo of an adult tiger staring at something off camera as it rests in a pool of water by some rocks.

DJ Hadoken Exlamparaaghis has this to say:

Happy New Year!

Still updating the site. Doing a lot of stuff on the backend, no pun intended. Working on the new board, updating the music, movies, and pretty much everything really. Fixing broken links, deleting duplicate files, updating the e-mail addresses.

I’ve added a nifty feature: http://search.riafunk.com <-- go here and you can pretty much search the entire RIA site, not just this blog. Edit from the future: The search feature is now a built-in feature here on riafunk.blog!

I was playing with it earlier and it’s cool to see what crazy results come out and old Funk entries that have been completely forgotten about. Posts from the old message board show up too.

Still got a lot left on my to-do list. Will be done soon for real this time, though. It’s taken years, but I finally have found the time to organize everything the way I originally intended to a few years back.

Going to keep updating now, just wanted to post and wish everyone a Happy New Year!


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